About Woman Devours Books

Hi and welcome to Woman Devours Books (WDB for short)! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m a lover of books. I always have been. My parents instilled this love of books by reading to my brother and me before bed every night. Growing up, my favorite books were The Chronicles of Narnia and Anne of Green Gables. Fantasy and romance (of a sort). And that’s what you’ll get here, a mix of reviews for both fantasy and romance novels.

WDB is a book review blog that focuses mainly on romance and fantasy novels. I love these genres and I love them even more when they’re combined.

I am so excited to share these books with you!

About Me

As for who I am, here are a few more facts about me:

  • My husband and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and have been married since 2013
  • We have two fluff monsters, tuxedo cats named Tali and Krios
  • I love playing story driven RPG video games. My two obsessions are the Mass Effect and Dragon Age trilogies.
  • A few more of my favorite things: kickboxing, Dungeons and Dragons, coffee, tea, and chocolate.