Rating System

WDB follows the same rating system as Goodreads and Amazon, with 1 being low and 5 being the best thing that was ever written. Rather than stars, I like to mix it up and use something relevant to the story (i.e. cowboy buckles, roses, parasols, etc.).


Did not finish. These books are just awful and I could not stand them.

1 star

I just managed to finish this book. It might as well be a DNF, but I pushed through anyway. Though, if you’re looking at my Goodreads account, anything marked as 1 star is most likely a DNF.

2 stars

This book was meh. It wasn’t great, but there was at least something that held my attention. I won’t read it again.

3 stars

This book held my attention and I enjoyed it. I might recommend it to select people. There may be parts that I didn’t like, but not enough to stop me. I will probably go back and reread this book.

4 stars

This book was great! It completely held my attention and was a fantastic read. Go out and read it so you can enjoy it just as much as I did! There was one minor, minor thing to not make it perfect. I will definitely reread this book.

5 stars

Holy cow I loved this book so much! This was my jam! My catnip! It was amazing! I couldn’t put it down! Read this book immediately so we can squee about it together! I will keep this book forever!

Sexual Detail System

WDB also rates the sexual detail of each book to help readers find novels that match their preferences.

Absolutely Not Safe For Mom

This is probably erotica and even I’m blushing and a little uncomfortable with the sex scenes.

Not Safe For Mom

I just burst into flame, the sex is that hot! And there may be more than one sex scene.

Mildly Safe For Mom

There is no questioning these sex scenes, but they don’t go into to much detail and can be easily skipped over. There is also very little-to-no foreplay, making out, fantasizing, etc.

Mostly Safe For Mom

This is pretty safe. There may be a sex scene, but it isn’t told in vivid detail and might leave you questioning if they actually did it or not. It could potentially be a closed door scene with more vivid descriptions of foreplay, making out, fantasizing, etc.

Safe For Mom

A closed door romance book or no sex at all (probably a fantasy book).