Hello New Year!

Hi friends!

I hope everyone had a smashing holiday season! It’s a new year and I mainly wanted to welcome everyone back. I decided to take a break over the holidays and think about the goals for Woman Devours Books and some changes I want to make.

  1. First, I am going to be playing with a few different review styles. This change is in part because I recently started a part time job. I’m now working when I normally write. Between work, WDB, and other life responsibilities, I want to make sure I’m still providing good reviews while adjusting to this change in my life. I want to continue playing around with what works best for this blog, so you may see some different formatting here in the future.
  2. I’m going to start creating mood/aesthetic boards. I keep seeing these pop up around the internet and I love them. I may not do this for every book I review, but it is something that I want to add.
  3. I plan on being more active and interactive on social media. This one might be hard for me. I’ve never been super active on social media, but I’m going to try my best.

These are just a few of my goals. I’m sure as the year progresses I’ll add more and this blog will continue to change and grow. I keep hearing people say that this is a year of change, and I know that is true for me and mine. And while we’re already a week into 2018, I hope you find your goals, no matter what month we’re in. It is never too late to make this year yours. So, happy new year and my your reading be always wonderful!

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