Review: Bewitched by Daisy Prescott


Bewitched, the first book in Daisy Prescott’s Bewitched series, is the story of Madison Bradbury, a college junior at Hawthorne College in Salem, Massachusetts. No matter the magical history of Salem, no matter how many magic shops in town, Madison is a girl who doesn’t believe in magic. It is all make-believe to her. She’s a muggle, through and through.

And while she may not believe in magic, she does believe in romance. And love. She also might have a crush on the brooding, quiet, and handsome Andrew Wildes. Through the persuasions of her persistent roommate, Sam, Madison finds her self at a magic shop, love spell in hand. Not that she believes it will do anything.

Except after she casts the spell, Andrew in mind, they keep bumping into each other. Whether by magic or not, there is a growing attraction between the two of them and a budding new relationship.

By the end of the story, Madison discovers if magic truly exists or not.

Bewitched is a truly adorable new adult story. The characters are a fun group of people and a setting has a wonderful mysterious, fall flavor to it. So, go out and find this novella. You should be able to read this in about two hours. It is such a light, fun read that you won’t regret picking it up. And as soon as you’re done with this one, go grab the next, Spellbound. In fact, you should really just grab all three while you’re at it.


A crush. A love spell. What can go wrong?

Madison Bradbury isn’t interested in spells or magic, or anything hocus-pocus related despite descending from the original Salem witches. Her life as a Hawthorne College junior is boring. Perfectly so. That is until Andrew Wildes appears in her class–like a quiet, brooding hero from one of her favorite romances.

When a local witch convinces Madison to use a love spell on her crush, what happens next is more than magical.

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