Review: Enchanted by Daisy Prescott


It’s winter break, and we’re back with our motley crew of characters. Tests have been taken, finals are over, and Madison, Andrew, Sam, and Tate are on their way to Grandma Bradbury’s farm.

While Madison now believes in magic, the question remains: with her ancestral history, is she a witch as well? Andrew thinks there’s potential, but she’s 21 with no hints of magical abilities blossoming. She’s either a late bloomer or did not inherit the magic her ancestors could wield.

But strange things are afoot. Not everything is as it seems when they get to Grandma Bradbury’s house and more secrets to Madison’s past are uncovered. With new each new thing revealed, this group of friends needs to discover the truth before someone with darker intentions does first.

I hate to be repetitive, but Daisy Prescott’s Bewitched series is an absolute delight! I am so excited to delve more into Madison’s family history and learn how the past is affecting the future. Enchanted brings with it more mystery and more insight into the witchy history of Salem and these characters, with their powers slowly revealing themselves. I cannot wait to see what Prescott delivers next year.


True love. An old enemy. It begins where it ends.

Two months ago, I didn’t believe in magic. Sure, I’d cast a love spell involving glitter and peppercorns, but come on … even I didn’t think some pink pepper could make a man fall in love with me. How quickly I’ve changed. Seeing is believing, and watching Andrew light a fire with only his hands definitely changed my mind. My former crush, the brooding, beautiful Andrew Wildes, is now my boyfriend. And a witch. A real one. The question is, am I?

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